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Althea Apartments is a family-run and owned apartment hotel
at Katakolo, Peloponnese, Western Greece.

    We are happy to invite you all to our new hotel “Althea Apartments”, in the side of the Port of Katakolo. We offer a number of studios and maisonettes that are available for you to stay while maintaining the warmth and cosy atmosphere of your home.

     We have created this hotel in order for you to experience and feel  the greek hospitality and to feel part of our ‘family’.

    Althea apartments is a 3 star, family run hotel at the side of Katakolo. Our hotel is brand new and has 16 studios (accommodates 3-4 people) and 4 maisonettes (accommodates 5-6 people) to offer. The studios and maisonettes are fully equipped, comfortable apartments, with big and roomy balconies, where you can enjoy the relaxing view of the sea and the sky.

    Nestled into the natural hill of Katakolo, you will enjoy the fresh air and the sun during the day. The combined view of sun, sea and pine trees of the hill will give you the getaway that you need. Furthermore, due to its location, you are able to visit many local beaches, with several differentiations, but also organise small excursions at the outskirts of the city of Pyrgos. For those who are into summer sports, there are beaches that can offer these kind of experience.

   Please do not hesitate to contact us and ask us for more details. We are able to arrange for you any of the listed activities you may desire. (More information in the attractions)

We look forward to having you with us  and we are looking forward to meeting you all.

Have a nice stay,
the Vythoulkas family

Few Words about us


Ι am Konstantina Vythoulka ,owner of Althea apartments . I am 33 years old and  a graduate of Law School . I did not follow  the lawyer career because the idea of being part of this hotel was more appealing to me. We run this hotel with my beloved sister Yiota  since September 2016 and we are very happy watching this business growing.

 Ι have to admit that it was not easy at first. We both did not know a lot about tourism and hotel management but we thought that everything  would turn out great . And it did. We all work as a team here in Althea and we want our clients to feel comfortable like home and we also want them to come back again and again .

This is a goal that can  only be achieved  by giving the best of your true self and love for what you do.

My name is Yiota Vythoula, and I am one of the 4 owners of Althea apartments. We are a big family, with 4 sisters. Konstantina and myself, we are running the hotel , and we try to keep up the good job and collaboration for the best result. I have a diploma in marketing and a master in science of tourism.

I’m really enthusiastic about the opportunities and the ideas that this field has to offer me as a person and as a businesswoman. As a marketing person, I love meeting and  communicating  with people from all over the world. I am really curious about the lives of every person entering our hotel, and want to know as much as I can for you, for your countries and your habbits. 

I am over enthusiastic and sometimes full of anxiety about satisfying every need of our guests. I love giving ideas to you and recommend you beaches, places to visit, and asking about feedback about your experience.I welcome you all to our family hotel, and please feel free to make as many questions as possible!!!

The most common thing about us is that we smile a lot, even with the new reality of wearing a mask; you can see it in our eyes!

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